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Finding Peace Gift Basket

Finding your inner peace isn't always easy, especially in a hectic place and this mental health gift basket is designed to help. Our Finding Peace gift set features a collection of products that can help you create a calming, quiet place where you can release, relax and restore your mental and emotional health. 

It contains a variety of relaxation tools and self-help items that aim to provide:

- aromatherapy

- calming environment

- meditation aid

- self-help/improvement 

- stress relief


The Finding Peace gift basket provides you with a truly unique experience. You can use the oil burner or incense to release a calming aroma into the air; the zen sands to gaze into to introduce meditation into your day; the book to sharpen up on your self-healing; the daily wellness check-in notepad to make sure you're prioritizing your mental health and so much more. It encourages you to create our own place for inner peace and comes with:

  • Pack of incense sticks
  • Incense burner 
  • Ceramic oil burner, tealight candle & oil
  • Zen sands decor
  • The Inner Work book from The Yoga Couple
  • Amethyst geode

*Items may vary slightly from the photo