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Citrine Cluster: Overcoming fears, phobias and depression

Bring on the power of the sun with this beautiful Citrine cluster. Citrine is a powerful healing stone for anxiety and depression as it is a stone that assists with self-healing, inspiration and self improvement. It's commonly used to overcome fears, phobias and depression, as its vibrations are believed to repel stress and negativity from your body and space. When held during a stressful situation, citrine makes it easier to communicate and navigate through group discussions.

Citrine is also a great healing stone for awakening your higher mind, expanding your conscious awareness and stimulating intellect and mental clarity. It is particularly great for anyone who has a difficult time accepting constructive criticism, as it gives you an extra boost of emotional balance and control over your emotions.

Citrine is also a cleanser and regenerator, making it a powerful healing crystal when used with others as well. 

Oh, and as an added bonus Citrine is also known as The Merchant's Stone of Wealth and is known for attracting money and fortune.