Calm The Chaos

Mess equals stress and if you can relate, take a look at one of our more unique mental health gift boxes we've had, the Calm the Chaos box.

With this mental health gift, you receive a variety of health and wellness products that will help you improve your organization to remove the stress and anxiety from your mind. This self care set will help you put your worries onto paper, in your schedule, on a list and ultimately, into action so you can finally clear your mind (and to-do list!). 

Calm the Chaos comes with:

  • I Got This Weekly Schedule Notepad
  • Anxiety Sh!t Notepad
  • Wellness Journal
  • Inspirational Bookmark
  • Daily Check-In 3-Pack Set
  • Pack of Gel Pens
  • Pack of Highlighters
All of this comes beautifully packaged and ready to be enjoyed by anyone who needs to clear out the clutter and mess to get rid of their stress.