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Broccoli Organic Chocolate Bars: Milk Maple Crunch

Take a bite out of broccoli chocolate and unleash the delicious benefits of getting sulforaphane in your diet. Sulforaphane has an abundance of health benefits, including physical health benefits such as having the ability to improve heart health and reduce the risk of diabetes, and mental health benefits. 
  1. Acts as an antidepressant
  2. Stabilizes mood
  3. Relieves anxiety
  4. Helps restore brain chemistry
  5. Decreases stress hormones 
  6. Reduces social anxiety
  7. Treat certain symptoms of autism
  8. Protects against brain damage
  9. Prevents mental illnesses for those at high risk of developing it

Every bar of Brocco Chocco is 100% organic and nut-free, and contains 2-4 pounds of broccoli sprouts, providing you with a healthy, chocolatey treat that both adults and kids love. Grab a couple bars of broccoli chocolate for your family to enjoy, slip some bars into your kids' stockings, gift a chocolate-lover with this healthy alternative, or simply take a bite of benefits for yourself. 

1 Bar - $8

3 Bars - $20 ($6.60 each)

5 Bars - $25 ($5 each)


New flavours coming soon!