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Lavender and Bergamot Sleep Badger Balm

Badger Balm'Sleep Balm is rich, creamy balm infused with precious oils that help calm and relax the mind to promote a better sleep. Simply rub a little balm under the nose, on the lips, on temples or on any other pulse points for some extra Zzz's.

Badger Sleep Balm includes various oils, with the two main ones being bergamot which is mentally uplifting, and lavender which is the traditional sleep herb that is as equally refresh as it is relaxing.

This unique Sleep Balm doesn't make you sleepy! Instead, it helps quiet your thoughts, for more rest and relaxation throughout the night. 

Ingredients: *Extra Virgin Olive Oil, *Golden Yellow Beeswax, *Castor Oil, and Essential Oils of *Bergamot, *Ginger, *Rosemary, *Lavender & *Balsam Fir.

* = Certified Organic by US Department of Agriculture