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Azure Sterling Silver Meditation Anxiety Spinning Ring

Unleash the benefits of anxiety spinning rings with this beautiful silver meditation anxiety ring. Decorated with blue opal, two outer 9 KT plaque yellow gold and four silver spinning ring bands featuring a yellow gold accent bar, this spinning ring has all the calming energy and aesthetics you're looking for. 

Ring Width 10mm - Includes complimentary tin & travel pouch.

How to use Spinning Rings for Anxiety?

Spinning rings are great for anxiety, as they help you stay in the present moment while also inducing a sense of calmness from fidgeting. You can spin the anxiety ring without bringing extra attention to you or align the spins with your breath to slow your breathing down. 


Blue Opal Healing Properties

Blue opal is a great stone for anxiety, excessive stress, or worry, as it helps to relieve tension and in turn, induce peacefulness. Blue opal is also a powerful stone for working with the balance chakra.