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Anxiety Gone PNY PRJKT Bracelet

Our Anxiety Gone exclusive bracelets from PNY PRJKT were such a hit that we've decided to add them to our store. 

"Most people see the penny as something that is worthless. Very few people will stop to bend over and pick one up when they see it laying on the ground. But at PNY PRJKT we see it as something with the potential to be so much more. Like my life, your life, and the life of everyone else. There is huge significance in taking something seen as worthless, and creating a thing of beauty. It's a metaphor for our lives with an inspiring message that you look at daily."

Here's what you need to know:

  • A portion of the proceeds goes to mental health organizations
  • This is the ONLY place to get them - 100% custom and handmade
  • Fully adjustable waxed cotton string bracelet in black
  • Anxiety Gone stamped on one side, PNY PRJKT stamped on the backside