Kids Anxiety Krate: Bi-Annual Subscription

Hello, Parents!

Having an anxious child is no easy feat. As if parenting wasn't hard as it is, your little one is suffering from feelings they can't even explain. Our Anxiety Gone Box for Kids will help, intended for boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 12.

Ready to tackle this thing called anxiety with your child?

In this anxiety subscription box, you receive 5-7 natural anxiety relief products carefully selected for children with anxiety, such as children essential oils, anxiety workbooks for kids, mindful games and tools, as well as comfort items that will help your child cope and overcome those anxious times.  including 

Every Kids Anxiety Krate includes a self-help book on parenting/helping an anxious child. It's one of the best features, as it'll help you and your anxious child understand what's going on. More importantly, it'll provide both of you with tips, tricks and techniques on how to heal.

 When you want to heal, unbox and reveal!

Boxes get sent April (Spring), July (Summer), October (Fall) and January (Winter)

Next Box: April

Order Deadline: March 25th

Shipping Deadline: April 5th

Billing: Date of purchase and 6 months from date of purchase


Enjoy additional savings - and more healing - with a subscription. 

Other subscription plans available:

  • One Time
  • Annually (Once-a-year) and receive a 5% discount for each box
  • Quarterly/Seasonal (Every 3 months) and receive a 15% discount for each box
    • Boxes sent February (Spring), May (Summer), August (Fall) and November (Winter)


Last orders are accepted the 25th of the month prior to the month the box is for.

Orders are shipped the 5th of the month of the box. 

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