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Anti-Anxiety Essential Oil 10 mL | 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade

Diffuser this blend of anti-anxiety essential oils to induce a calming, relaxing state. Our Anti-Anxiety Essential oil blend comes in a 10 ml dropper bottle for easy use in an essential oil diffuser, pulse points or aromatherapy bracelet. It's infused with top essential oils for promoting a calming state, including:

  • Peppermint (Releases tension and aches)
  • Tea Tree (Relaxing effect on the body and min
  • Bergamot (Invigorating and improves mood)
  • Lavender (Induces calmness)
  • Orange (Uplifting)

These therapeutic scents for mental health get blended with Sweet Almond and Grapeseed oil (carrier oils) for the perfect consistency and scent. 

Add a few drops of this anti-anxiety essential oil onto your skin by applying it to your pressure points, add a few drops into your shower or diffuser or onto an aromatherapy bracelet. .