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Amethyst Lavender Healing Wellness Set

Gift yourself or a loved one with some soothing energy and relaxation with our Amethyst Lavender Self Care Set. With this set, you receive over $100 retail value for a fraction of the cost. This includes:

- Lavender Incense Sticks
- Incense Plate
- Calming Lavender Spray
- Lavender Bath Soak
- Amethyst Worry Stone
- Amethyst Wrap Bracelet/Mala Necklace

Both amethyst and lavender are considered to be the top scent and stone for anxiety, making this set the perfect dose of both spiritual magic and natural healing.


Benefits of Amethyst Stone for Anxiety

Amethyst is often hailed as the top stone for anxiety and overall mental health and wellness, as it helps balance your mood by soothing negative emotions, including stress, anxiety, depression, irritability, and anger. 

Available in a mailer box or wrapped into a gift.