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Agate Butterfly Decor Pieces: stabilizing energies and mood

The butterfly has long been seen as a symbol of freedom and spirituality, femininity and transformation. When combined with the the beauty of agate healing stone slices, these agate butterfly decor items are the perfect piece for adding positive energies into your home. The healing properties of agate vary from one type to the next, but all agate stones are said to bring soothing and calming vibrations that dissipate anger, tension and anxiety.


Here's a quick breakdown of agate healing properties:

Purple Agate: 

When you need an extra boost of positive energy, performance, good luck and efficiency.


Pink Agate:

When you need some calming and soothing vibrations that dispel fear, and promote courage, energy and strength, and self-confidence.


Green Agate:

When you need to increase compassion, generosity, mental and emotional flexibility, reduce indecisiveness or resolve disputes


Blue/Teal Agate:

When you need a soothing and nurturing boost of energies that increase your ability to communicate your thoughts, feelings and emotions


Red Agate Slices:

When you need to ignite your inner flame and put out the flame on negative emotions, and need to reset and reorganize your emotional state. 




Height X Length = 2" to 2 1/2" 2 1/2" to 3"


**Every stone is different and may not be identical to the picture

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