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Good Night Gift Set

Introduce some new calming habits into your nightly routine with our Good Night gift set. With this mental health and wellness box, you receive a collection of relaxation items and self care products that can help to promote a better night's rest by allowing you to release stress, find peace and relax. It aims to provide you with:

- a gratitude practice

- meditation aid 

- calm environment

- self care

- aromatherapy


With the Good Night gift box, there are a variety of ways you can use it to enhance your mood and induce relaxation. The items included can help by:

  • Essential oil wipes for aromatherapy
  • Candle for creating a calming environment (the flicker of the flame can also be used for candle gazing meditation)
  • Dream essential oil skin care mist for self care and aromatherapy
  • Gratitude affirmation cards to practice gratitude each night
  • Mini mandala colouring book for a fun, meditative experience that allows you to de-stress in a creative way