Pencil Drop 14K Gold Plated Chalcedony Necklace

Drip in the healing energy of chalcedony with our Pencil Drop chalcedony necklace featuring 16" + 2" extension 14 karat gold plated sterling silver necklace and sliding 2.5" ladder drop. The stunning pendant that makes this necklace so unique consists of 3 horizontal 20mm x 4mm blue chalcedony stones, a hammered 17.8mm x 3.2mm horizontal bar, a hammered 12.6mm x 3.2mm horizontal bar, and a 4mm x 18mm vertical blue chalcedony drop. 

Spiritual Meaning of Chalcedony

Bring soothing and nurturing energy into your life with Chalcedony. This beautiful gemstone helps absorb negative energy and remove unwanted feelings of hostility and sadness, so you can feel emotionally balanced throughout the day. 

.925 Sterling Silver

This necklace has a lobster clasp closure.