Chalcedony Climbers 14K Gold Plated Aqua Chalcedony Ear Climber

Show off your shine with these elegant chalcedony ear climber earrings. Made with 14K gold plated sterling silver ear climber earrings, this set feature stunning aqua chalcedony stones.

Spiritual Meaning of Chalcedony

Chalcedony stone is a super soothing and nurturing stone that promotes harmony in mind, body, and spirit. It helps soak up negative energy and remove unwanted feelings of hostility and sadness. The chalcedony stone helps to remove self doubt and trades it in for a boost of self confidence.

Wear these beautiful chalcedony ear climber earrings for style that doubles as a powerful healer and cleanser.

Round stones measure 3.4mm in diameter and pear shaped stone measures 3.9mm x 6mm.

.925 Sterling Silver