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Free Downloads

Explore the free downloads available for all types of self care and self help calendars, activities and worksheets. Below you'll find everything from our therapeutic worksheets created by professionals for our seasonal subscription box for mental health to our monthly self care checklists and calendars. 



Self Help Worksheets

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In all of our seasonal subscription boxes for mental health, we include a set of self help worksheets that are created for you to work through your healing at home. Each season we choose a new mental health professional that creates the worksheets to provide you with a unique learning experience that is similar to doing some DIY therapy at home. Click to download our free collection of our top self help worksheets from our calm boxes, which includes:

  • Mindset Makeover by Life Coach Leigha, Certified Coach
  • Define Your Happy by Jessica Young, LMHC
  • Manifesting Your Goals by Jessica del Rosso, Masters of Social Work student, yoga coach

Self Reflection Process Tracker

Download our 5-page set of self reflection worksheets to begin tracking your progress and to make sure this year is the best year yet! 

Self Care Checklists

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Our self cafe checklists come with a variety of activities you can do to improve your mental health and to treat yourself to a boost of positivity. Click to download any of our free self care checklists:

  1. Daily Tasks Self Care Checklist
  2. Weekly Tasks Self Care Checklist 


    Self Care Calendars

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    Each month, we send you a self care calendar that has all types of self help ideas, activities and inspiration to help you get through the month. Every month is different and exciting, presenting you with a new opportunity to work your way towards healing. Click to download any of our self care calendars below:

    1. January Self Care Calendar
    2. February Self Care Calendar