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Sacral Chakra Candle Sprinkled with Carnelian Crystals 4" Pillars

Introducing our new line of Crystal Sprinkled Chakra Candles to give you energy-infused pillar candles for your rituals. Each 4" candle is double coated with a sprinkle of gemstone sand to give it the glitz and shimmer that is super high vibe and an extra boost of intention. 

Each chakra crystal candle is sprinkled with a gemstone sand that helps illuminate and enhance your intention:

    • Sacral Chakra Candle: Orange | Carnelian
      • Sprinkled with Carnelian Crystal Sand
      • The sacral chakra symbolizes creativity, sexuality, emotions and intuition
      • Carnelian is a healing stone that gives you the courage and inspiration to realize either your artistic or spiritual projects 

    This set is for 7 crystal covered orange candles.

    Available in individuals as well.