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Rose Quartz Worry Stone | Thumb Stone | self love and overcoming emotional trauma

Worry stones, also known as thumb stones, are the #1 we recommend for anxiety relief. These healing stones have been used for their calming properties; by the Tibetans for chanting mantras, by the Irish to "free their life from all worries and bring good luck", by Indigenous peoples from generation to generation, and almost every culture. Worry thumb stones are believed to have been created by the monks, who held a stone as they meditated and only when the stone becomes indented, they have achieved true enlightenment. 

Worry thumb stones work through a process called acupressure. You rub the worry stone with your thumb, fingers or in your palms to stimulate different nerve endings that promote calmness, release endorphins, and have an overall euphoric effect.

Thumb stones are also great for distracting the brain away from your anxious feelings, and can double as a fidget tool as needed.  Add in the benefits of rose quartz, which brings forth love of all kinds, harmony, and helps you overcome emotional trauma. 

Using a rose quartz worry stone can give you the extra boost of self-love, self-compassion, and harmony needed to overcome those anxious moments.