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Obsidian Worry Stone | release unhealthy behaviour patterns and fear, grounding

Obsidian worry stones are the perfect calming item for anyone struggling with anxiety, addiction, or stress. It is a super grounding stone that can make you feel safe and protected (just like the grounding techniques you use when you're having an anxiety attack). Obsidian also helps with inner reflection, and encourages you to release addiction and unhealthy behaviour patterns, which is great and highly recommended for stress, anxiety and addictionThese healing worry stones are also great for distracting the brain away from your anxious feelings, and can double as a fidget tool as needed.  

How to use obsidian worry stones?

For thousands of years, worry stones, also known as thumb stones, have been used for their calming properties. Worry thumb stones work through a process called acupressure. By rubbing the worry stone with your thumb, fingers or in your palms, you stimulate many different nerve endings that promote calmness, release endorphins, and have an overall euphoric effect.


Comes beautifully packaged with a gemstone information card.