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Chakra Candle Burning Kit

Our Chakra Burn gift set makes it easy to practice spiritual self care that can unlock your full potential by clearing out old, stagnant and negative energy.  Your body consists of seven main energy centers that can easily become blocked from daily stress, anxiety, unhealthy habits, poor diet, and so on and so forth. With this spiritual gift set, you can burn away all the bad and embrace the good with:

  • Sage stick
  • 7 crystal sprinkled chakra candles
  • 2 chakra pillar candle holders
  • Abundance peridot gemstone sand

How to use this spiritual gift set?

Light your sage stick and allow the smoke to purify your space. Add your crystal sprinkled chakra candles to the holders, add a dash of abundance into your space with the gemstone sand and start your candle magic or perform a specific ritual. 

The chakra candles can assist you in your meditation, yoga, and energy healing practices, either as a point of focus or for color therapy.