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Self Love Gift Set

Treat yourself or your bestie with a self love care package. This mental health gift box was created to help you indulge in all the lovely scents and soothing self care activities that can make a drastic improvement in the way you feel. Crafted with goodies from small Canadian businesses, our Self Love kit comes with over $90 of soothing, feel-good products that are totally going to enhance your self care.  

  • Magnolia Lovin' Myself Candle (Vegan)
  • Rose Incense
  • Satin  Scrunchie
  • Raspberry Lip Balm (Vegan)
  • May You Know Gratitude Cards
  • Palmarosa Salve (Vegan)
  • Lotus Incense Holder

How Can This Wellness Set Help With Mental Health?

Toss your hair up in the satin scrunchie, soak up the balm, add a dose of moisture to your lips, light the candle, place your rose incense in your lotus incense holder and you're ready for some self loving. There are many reasons we have selected the self care items in this mental health gift box. The candle scent is magnolia, which is known for creating a calm and serene atmosphere. Magnolia is a beautiful scent commonly used to help relieve stress-related tension, depression and anxiety, and to install a sense of overall wellness and relaxation. 

For the Palmarosa Salve (an everything balm that is 100% vegan), the scent is used to support your mood when you're feeling emotional vulnerable. It can also be used to nurture stress, grief, trauma, anxiety, and nervous exhaustion too. The oil is also great for stabilizing hormones and PMS, bloating and hormonal imbalances. And since it's an everything balm, you can use it from head to toe (but leave the raspberry lip balm for your lips).

Of course, what would a self care gift set be without some gratitude cards that help you bring good vibes and perspective into your day.

Wellness box comes gift wrapped with hang tag.