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No Negativity Energy Spirit Box

Take a look at our spring Warrior Spirit box full of energy healing tools that allow you to cut cords and remove negative energy from your life. With this spiritual box, you receive an abundance of ways to cleanse your mind, body, and spirit and release yourself from energies, people, places, memories, and things that on longer serve your highest good.


What's Inside This Spiritual Box?

  • 3 Ritual Candles: Light these mini candles and let them do their magic - white for cleansing, purple for connection to spirit guides, and black for protection.
  • 3 Selenite Rods: Remove negative thought patterns, cleanse your aura, space, charge your crystals and defend against negative energy cords with these beautiful selenite wands.
  • Energy Stands Book: "The Ultimate Guide to Clearing the Cords That Are Constricting Your Life" - learn powerful ways to remove negative energy and to protect yourself moving forward.
  • Charcoal Soap: Scrub down with this intensely purifying and nourishing detox soap that draws out toxins and impurities to deeply, yet gently, cleanse your skin and spirit.
  • Sterling Silver Tourmaline Necklace: Wear this sterling silver tourmaline necklace to repel and block negative energies and to cleanse, purify, and ground you as needed.
  • Cleansing Oil: Add a couple of drops into an essential oil diffuser or wax warmer to cleanse the space of negative vibes.
  • Palo Santo Room Mist: Infused with dead sea salt and a blend of rich essential oils, use this spray as a smoke-free smudge to cleanse your home of any negative or stagnant energy.

The packaging comes with several cords that you can use to physically cut cords as well.

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