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Mental Health Gift Boxes

Me Time | Mental Health Gift Box

Invest in your own quiet time with our "Me Time" mental health gift box. It comes with everything you need for a soothing night in, complete with some delicious comfort food, relaxing scents, cozy chunky knits and a great book to read. 

Enjoy a delicious bite out of Brocco Chocco bar, which includes 4 lbs. of broccoli, giving you a delicious dose of sulforaphane! Then, light the cinnamon chai candle, burn some incense or turn on your essential oil diffuser, get comfy in your chunky knit reading socks and open the book for the ultimate "Me Time" experience. 


Our "Me Time" mental health gift box includes:

  • Cinnamon Chai Candle 
  • Brocco Chocco Bar 
  • Hi Anxiety Book: Life With A Bad Case of Nerves 
  • Portable Essential Oil Diffuser Pod 
  • Chunky Knit Reading Socks 
  • Spiritual Incense