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Good Vibes Mala Bead Necklace

Introduce light into the dark corners of the mind with our Sunstone and White Howlite mala bead necklace. An excellent piece of distraction jewelry that can also be used to aid in meditation and to soothe your mind. 

Both stones also have excellent healing capabilities that are commonly used to clear away negative thought patterns.


White Howlite Healing Properties:

Howlite is a beautiful healing stone often used to calm an overactive mind, to ease insomnia,  to improve sleep and for stress relief. It's known for calming the whole body and releasing muscle tension, while also eliminating pain brought about by stress


Sunstone Healing Properties:

Sunstone is an amazing healing stone commonly used to cleanse all the chakras, due to its powers of sun and light. For anxiety relief, it's known for bringing in a flood of light into the dark corners of the mind, which helps to clear away negative thought patterns while also bringing an instant ray of sunshine into your life.