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Healing Crystals

My Happy Place | Turquoise Double Stone Anxiety Bracelet

Commonly used for depression, exhaustion and preventing anxiety attacks, this turquoise anxiety bracelet is one you won't want out leave the house without. It's a beautiful, double tiered beaded bracelet infused with the healing vibrations of turquoise.

This beautiful anxiety bracelet features 10mm turquoise beads, believed to begin the healing process, from the inside out. It's vibrations are commonly used to stabilize mood swings and instil inner calm, which makes it a great stone for anxiety. 

Turquoise is also believed to help you absorb nutrients, boost your immune system, stimulate the regeneration of tissue, and heal the whole body. It contains anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects, and can be great for alleviating all types of cramps and pain.

Spiritually, turquoise is a purification stone that repels all types of negative energy - from toxic relationships to pollutants in the air.

Size: One Size Fits Most

Bead Size: 6 mm