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Healing Crystals

Opal Moon Ring

Embrace the power of the moon with our beautiful opal moon ring. Crafted for our first Warrior Spirit subscription box, this ring is small but mighty. Made of stainless steel and authentic opal stone, "The Eye Stone", it's believed opal reflects the mood of your one true self. It intensifies your emotions and releases your inhibition, allowing you to feel and be who you truly are. 

Healing Properties of Opal

Wear this opal moon ring to encourage freedom and independence, to stimulate originality and creativity, and to enhance your cosmic consciousness, and psychic and mystical visions. ⁣Opal also helps release anger, so you can access and express your true self.⁣

  • Releases anger
  • Strengthens your awareness of your life's purpose
  • Brings forth loyalty and faithfulness
  • Helps you reclaim your self worth
  • Aids with self expression

Our opal moon ring comes in a beautiful black velvet bag.