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Self Love Healing Stone Set

Welcome your heart and home to all types of love - platonic and romantic. Our Self Love Healing Stone Set is infused with lovely energy that embraces love for your mind, body and environment. It comes wrapped in a beautiful gift box that can be displayed in your home or used to store your self love healing stones when you're not using them.  

Our Self Love Healing Stone Set comes with:

  • Rhodochrosite (directs love towards yourself for the purpose of emotional healing)
  • Sodalite (embraces emotional balance and enhances self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-trust)
  • Rose Quartz(release pain and negative feeling from your heart)
  • Clear Quartz (most powerful healing stone)
  • Gift Box 
  • Information Card

Each box comes wrapped in an elegant ribbon that details the healing energy of the healing stone set. 

**Every stone is different and may not be identical to the picture