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No Negativity Healing Stone Set

Say goodbye to negative vibes. Our No Negativity Healing Stone Set comes with all the energy you need to cleanse your mind, body and environment of negativity. Wrapped in a beautiful gift box that can be displayed in your home, this is the perfect gift for spiritual souls or anyone who is looking to cleanse their surroundings of toxic vibes. 

Our No Negativity Healing Stone Set comes with:

  • Black Obsidian (detoxes the body of negative energy)
  • Hematite (absorbs negative energy)
  • Tourmaline (shields you from negative energy)
  • Shungite (eliminates negative energy)
  • Gift Box


Healing Properties of Obsidian

Black Obsidian is a powerful healing rock withpowerful vibrations flow deeply into your emotional wellbeing to promote deep healing. It helps detach any emotional attachments that make you react with strong, negative emotions, whether it be to people or events in your life, making it a powerful stone for cutting cords and ties to toxic things that are no longer serving your greater good which helps clear your mind of fears and distractions to bring more balance into your life. 

Healing Properties of Hematite

Hematite is a powerful and beautiful healing stone for healing with anxiety, stress and insomnia. Its vibrations offer an abundance of grounding properties, helping you stay close to the earth and all the benefits that come from it. Hematite is known for being one of the earth's most powerful stones for pretty much everything that involves the power of the planet, such as decision-making, money, shelter, etc. It is the protection stone as it creates a protective shield around you while also dispersing any negative energy you encounter. 

With Hematite, you can also use it to enhance your communications and practical thinking which has a direct - and positive impact on how you overcome and manage your anxiety.

Healing Properties of Tourmaline

Tourmaline is one of the best healing stones for deflecting radiation energy and negative vibes, as it is a powerfulgrounding stone that helps you stay connecting to nature and the earth.

It helps enhance your wellbeing by providing you with vitality, emotional stability and intellectual clarity, and is believed to give you protection from all things that aren't positive and pure. Many people use tourmaline to soothe anxiety and panic attacks, and it is also a great stone to use to ward off emotions associated with frightening situations and atmospheres, especially when relating to a phobia such as confined spaces, fear of doctors, etc.

Tourmaline is also a wonderful stone for protecting yourself against people who complain, whine or burden you with their problems but who won't do anything to improve their situation.


Healing Properties of Shungite

Shungite is believed to be a miracle stone as it's commonly used to treat physical health ailments, to boost mental health, and to induce positive energy.  Shungite is infused with antioxidants and has been as been scientifically proven to possess “fullerenes,” which are molecules with powerful healing qualities including purifying, protecting and detoxifying your body and environment to negativity.


Each box comes wrapped in an elegant ribbon that details the healing energy of the healing stone set. 

**Every stone is different and may not be identical to the picture