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Meraki Spheres Fidget Bracelet and Distraction Tool

Fidget your anxiety, stress and negative thoughts away with a beautiful Meraki Sphere. This fidget tool has many purposes, as it's a fidget blooming bracelet that you can wear, an accessory to style your hair, or a fidget tool to use as a way to relax.

There are just so many ways to use this geometric piece that helps you feel less stress, reduced anxiety, and greater focus - and it is much more elegant and discreet than other stress relief fidget toys and tools.

You can decorate your home, office, or classroom with this fidget ring that doubles as an ornament, triples as a bracelet, and the ultimate anxiety coping tool.

The Meraki Sphere is also great for mindfulness practice, meditation, stress relief, fidgeting and for enhancing finger dexterity. You can transform this fidget bracelet into dozens of neat, mindful shapes. 

Designed with authentic gemstones for an extra dazzle of style and energy healing. 


How to use the fidget sphere?

  • Every connection, loop, and ring can be moved and manipulated in various ways to create kaleidoscopic shapes.
  • Gemstones beads are designed to spin freely along the ring, so you can twiddle them for an added sensory experience.
  • Place both pointer fingers inside the ring to twirl the fidget bracelet in a circular motion for an enhanced sensory experience.
  • When in the shape of a sphere, you can use it as a distractive spinning twirler on a hard surface.
  • Sync your breath as you expand and contract Meraki Sphere through both ends as a way to visualize your progress.
  • Use it like a stress ball