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Overactive Mind Healing Bracelet

Slip this gemstone bracelet onto your wrist for a combination of calming crystals for anxiety. The 'Calming Breeze' gemstone bracelet features two crystals - amazonite and howlite, offering the perfect healing properties for keeping your emotions at bay and your mind at ease. 

  • Amazonite
  • White Howlite

Amazonite for anxiety

Amazonite is an amazing gemstone for healing emotional trauma and alleviating worry and fear, as it works to remove negative energies and blockages within the nervous system. It helps regulate your interaction with the external world, giving you the subtle reminder that you're in control of what you embrace and what you resist. It's also a loving stone that can help you turn your manifestations into a reality.  

White howlite for anxiety

White howlite helps soothe an overactive mind, making it a great crystal for anxiety. It can also help release negative emotions that may be dragging you down, such as rage, pain and stress. White howlite can also aid with communication, awareness and emotional expression, which can be especially helping for social anxiety.  Don't forget your sleep too! White howlite is commonly used to help treat insomnia and sleep anxiety.


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