The Inner Work: An Invitation to True Freedom and Lasting Happiness

Embark on a hero’s journey through the uncharted depths of your subconscious mind to reveal the shadows that hide within so you can unlock the greatness of your full potential. The Inner Work is an incredible self growth, spiritual book teaches you how to uproot limiting beliefs and the transcendence of themes of consciousness which perpetuate suffering, so you can find true freedom and lasting happiness. It was a popular hit in our Warrior Wellness subscription box and we wanted to extend the opportunity to everyone else out there. 

Through The Inner Work book by The Yoga Couple Mat and Ash, you'll be taken through the process of self-analysis and a practical three-step method to revealing true, authentic happiness that serves your greater good. It invites you to let go of your struggle with life, so you can truly start to live. 

If you are a human, and you want to be happy, this spiritual, self help book is for you.