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Self-Growth Green Fluorite Wire Necklaces

Connect with nature and re-align with the universe. Green fluorite is a stone of growth and renewal, making it the perfect necklace for your healing journey. It will help balance your chakras, especially that heart chakra since fluorite will encourage you to heal heartache, past trauma and emotional wounds. Don't worry; this is all done to make room for you to open your heart back up to love.

This stone has many magical abilities and can be used to achieve all kinds of vibrations. Use it to enhance your intuitive experiences, such as clairvoyance, meditation, astral travel, and scrying or use it to clear your mind when you're agitated. Spiritual or not, green fluorite is a wonderful stone to have. 

Fluorite pendant size: 30-45mm

Every stone is different and necklace may not look identical to those in the pictures. 

Metal is brass or black cord is available.  

Comes beautifully packaged in a gift box with a fluorite healing card.