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Peace Of Mind Amethyst Beaded Fashion Bracelet

Harness the healing of amethyst with our beautiful amethyst beaded bracelet, woven with durable waxed cord. Amethyst is a great stone known as "The All Purpose Stone", meaning it has the ability to do everything and anything you want. 

Amethyst is commonly used for clarity, to regulate mood swings and to relieve stress and anxiety, while also giving you an extra dose of protection. It's a great stone to use for improving your sleep and for treating insomnia, as it facilities peace of mind, spiritual insight and a restful sleep.

Harness the benefits all day and night long by wearing this Amethyst fashion beaded bracelet. It's a comfortable fit with the option to adjust as needed.

Size: One Size Fits Most - Adjustable

Bead Size: 10 mm