The Anxiety Subscription Box Mission

November 22, 2017

First and foremost, thank you for checking out my anxiety subscription box. As an anxiety sufferer myself for 20 years, we understand just how dreadful this mental illness can be. So, like you, we've spend a lot of time searching the internet for natural anxiety relief, ways to cope with anxiety, tools for anxiety - you name it. It was only recently when we were like, "I should natural anxiety relief to people's doorsteps!" And that's when we created this anxiety subscription box.


The Anxiety Subscription Box Mission 

Unlike other subscription boxes we've seen online, we wanted to make sure that with Anxiety Gone, you received actual anxiety relief. So many other boxes out there send add teddy bears, snacks and stickers in their subscription boxes which is great. But for me, this would never help us cope with my panic disorder. So, the mission of this anxiety subscription box is to make sure we only ever provide things that will actually help you:
  • Overcome your panic attacks
  • Relax
  • Release stress and anxiety
  • Naturally calm stress, anxiety and your nervous system
  • Make you feel good

While diet is a huge part of maintaining overall mental health, eating a brownie in a mug isn't going to provide you with the quality anxiety relief we're after with this mental illness subscription box. Overtime and when combined with other healthy foods? Absolutely. But once in a while? Probably not. Again, there's nothing wrong with having these things in anxiety subscription boxes. It just wasn't what we wanted to do.


The Items in the Anxiety Subscription Box

We wanted to make sure that my subscription box for anxiety wasn't a health and wellness box but rather, one that alleviated symptoms. All of the items provided are things we would (and do) personally use to help calm my nervous system, alleviate symptoms of anxiety and overcome this mental struggle. More importantly, if we wouldn't recommend it or use it to treat my anxiety, it won't be in the box. It's my mission to never fill my anxiety subscription box with "fillers" - products you really don't care to have. We really want this box to be a natural way to heal and to battle the horrible feelings that come with anxiety. This is essentially why the large subscription box for anxiety always comes with a self-help book on anxiety. We want the subscription box for anxiety to actually make a difference. And that, is our mission. anxiety subscription box, anxiety box, mental health subscription box, wellness subscription box, healthy subscription box, monthly subscription boxes, supscription box anxiety, subscription box for anxiety, subscription box for mental health, natural anxiety relief, how to stop a panic attack, symptoms of anxiety, natural anxiety treatment, coping with anxiety, help with anxiety, how to treat anxiety

How This Subscription Box For Anxiety Helps

The items in the mental illness subscription box for anxiety will help you in various ways. If you're new to natural healing, have no worries. Each box will come with a guide on how to use the items provided. To give you an example, here's what you may find in an anxiety subscription box:
  • Chamomile Teas
    • Known for helping calm the nervous system
  • Lavender oilsKnown for calming the mind, reducing anxiety and helping insomnia
  • Mala beads
    • Specific beads are known for calming an over-active mind
  • Inspirational items
    • Because we all need some motivation to carry on sometimes, right?
  • Anxiety Awareness Clothing
    • One might say this doesn't provide anxiety relief but embracing your anxiety is the first step to overcoming it
  • Anxiety awareness jewelry
    • Again, similar as the prior
  • Meditation tools
    • Learning how to calm your mind if always an excellent way to overcome anxiety
  • Adult colouring books
    • Because who doesn't like to colour?
I'll stop there because I can't give too much away! After all, the best part about anxiety subscription boxes is the surprise! That, alone, will inspire positive feelings that will help your anxiety disorder.

What Are The Different Subscription Boxes for Anxiety?

Since everyone has a different budget, I wanted to make sure everyone could afford an anxiety subscription box. So, I created a large one and a small one. Here's a breakdown of each:

The Large Anxiety Subscription Box

Our personal favourite is the large anxiety subscription box because it has more value and healing potential. In each box, you receive:
  • 5-10 full size items
  • At least one self-help book
  • Items that can be used more than once (often for weeks and months)

The Small Anxiety Subscription Box

The smaller box is a more affordable option for anyone trying to heal on a budget. It comes with:
  • 3-5 full size items
  • Items that can be used more than one (often for weeks and months at a time)
  So, if you're ready to receive natural anxiety treatment right at your door step, check out our anxiety subscription box. We know you'll love it because everything you'll find inside is exactly what we use to overcome my panic disorder.