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Understanding Why’s CBD so Beneficial for Anxiety Disorders

February 20, 2018

For people who struggle with various forms of anxiety, there is a new all-natural hope on the horizon. In the last couple of years, both the scientific community and the general public have gotten more acquainted with cannabidiol than ever before. Cannabidiol (or in short CBD), is a complex compound found in all varieties of the cannabis plant, and even in the industrial hemp plant (where it’s mostly extracted from), which has only trace-amounts of the psychoactive cannabinoid THC.

Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC), CBD is completely and utterly non mind-altering, which basically means that it cannot induce any kind of mental sensations, and the only feeling you get from it are the medical benefits it induces. But more on all that a bit later on.

Reputable manufacturers of CBD usually extract this cannabinoid from the industrial hemp plant (which is mostly used for the production of fabric and rope), and because a proper CBD-oil product can have only less than 0.3% of THC in it, this ensures that the customer is absolutely safe from any effects of THC, and at the same time this low level of THC is the reason CBD-based products are totally legal across the world.

So to sum it up, CBD is not connected in any way with THC (which gets you “high”), and because this is so, it’s legal world-wide. People still have a hard time separating these two as they are both cannabinoids that come from the same plant, but their effects are indeed supremely different, and as time goes by, CBD will surely gain the appropriate recognition it deserves.

Besides anxiety, studies have shown that cannabidiol offers relief for a very wide range of medical issues, which include the reduction of neuropathic pain, lessens seizures in epilepsy, reduces muscle spasms and inflammation of tissue, helps with insomnia and other sleep-related disorders, lessens the progress of multiple sclerosis and functions as a powerful antipsychotic.

We won’t go too much into detail on all of these conditions, I just wanted to show you that there are numerous uses for this majestic compound besides just anxiety.

But to get back on the subject in hand, let’s go into depth on how is this organic compound able to help with anxiety and other related disorders.

First off, check out this easily-understandable infographic which covers this topic in great detail.

 CBD for anxiety


As you can see, CBD is able is help with all forms of anxiety-related disorders that include post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, full blown panic attacks, issues with social anxiety (like public speaking) and various illogical phobias.

What’s also quite important is that cannabidiol offers relief not just for the psychological aspects of anxiety, but it also aids our bodies to overcome the physical struggles associated with anxiousness, which include nausea, stomach issues, headaches and muscle-tension.

As the graphic shows, CBD works its magic double-fold. The first effect it creates once it enters our system is it increases the amounts of serotonin in the brain. For the unacquainted, serotonin is the happiness molecule found in all mammals, and increased quantities of it available means an instantly better mood.

The second way CBD works is by regenerating the hippocampus, which is significantly smaller in size in people who are struggling with anxiety and depression. This difference in size was noticed by scientists who were performing CAT-scans on anxiety and depression patients, and CBD actually promotes faster neurogenesis of the hippocampus, which is in layman’s terms the quicker creation of brand-new neurons.

An increase in the number of neurons means a bigger hippocampus, which correlates with a significant lessening of both anxiety and depression.

The third way CBD is beneficial for anxiety is that it can diminish the effects of a panic attack almost instantly. This is achieved because when ingested, cannabidiol literally resets the nervous system, which stops the ongoing sensation of panic in its roots, preventing additional stress and returning us to a much calmer state.

When we consider the classical pharmaceutical anti-anxiety alternatives, who cause severe addiction and have numerous negative side effects, the natural and healthy CBD compound should seem like a really good option.


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